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Moving Home

The stresses of moving home can be daunting. Even for the most basics of home furniture and goods. Let’s say you live in a one-bedroom apartment and need to organise everything to be moved from one city to another. If you are not used to doing it, then it can become a little overwhelming. How you pack your boxes is an important part of the moving process. Ensuring you use materials such as bubble wrap and butchers paper can save you the disappointment of damaged goods. Visit our what not to do page for some examples of how people make mistakes when packing goods into boxes and plastic tubs.

Another aspect of the moving process is dismantling furniture and goods that you assembled when setting up. If the furniture was as it is now when you bought it, then there is no need to dismantle the home furniture. Our backloading removalists will be able to handle the home furniture with enough care and load onto a truck.

Home Moving Backloads

As The Backloading Company operate by assisting with moving home. Our quotes are free and competitive for any interstate home moving service. We can do everything from packing and dismantling to providing all the tools needed for moving home.

Tips for preparing to move home

1. Created a moving caddy – to have everything on hand so I wasn’t continually searching for it.
Packing tape – important for taping boxes
Labels – Make your own or buy some from either a post office or supermarket
Ruler – To easily rip paper up
Sharpie or Marker pen – for labelling your furniture and goods
Stanley knife – Good for all sorts things when organising your move

2. Book your removalist – Book your free quote with The Backloading Company as soon as possible to ensure you get preferred moving dates
3. Get boxes – your local storage shed and hardware store should stock moving boxes. You can also find used boxes at supermarkets
4. Buy used boxes – supermarkets will have used boxes but it’s always a good idea to call and ask first. Another good method is to search on Gumtree
5. Purge as you pack – It is a terrific opportunity when moving to get rid of unwanted things that have been laying around. This will save you money on the overall move
6. Colour code the boxes – An effective way to distinguish what boxes have what in them. So, let’s say green labels or colors for outdoor stuff and blue for bathroom stuff

7. Label each box – It’s important to label your boxes before the move. That way you know what’s yours and so does the removalist. This will also help with comes time for delivery. Not only can the removalist make sure everything is accounted for but if you have labelled and colour coded your boxes then you can ask the removalist to place the box in the correct room

11. Necklaces – lay jewellery onto a small bathroom towel, help prevent the necklaces from getting tangled

12. Box Weight– Try to avoid stuffing your boxes making them too heavy. This can cause the bottom to break
13. Where to start? – A good place to start is the kitchen, put heavy items at the bottom of a few boxes, then load those boxes with lighter items
14. Wrap breakables – Butchers paper is effective. You can also use clothes, table clothes and tea towels
15. Wrap glasses – Butchers paper or bubble wrap is a good one for this
16. Artwork and/or pictured frames – Our removalists will wrap everything with removal blankets but for that extra protection, it’s a promising idea to bubble wrap painting, pictures and artwork.

20. Remember where cables go – A clever idea for making sure you know what cable belongs to what is to take pictures of them and wrap them in bundles as many devices have multiple cords. Then pack them into a box.
21. Don’t lose screws – Put screws into a zip bag.
29. Place heavy items in a suitcase – heavier items can be put into suitcases. This can also make it easier to move.

30. Remove light bulbs – to prevent them from breaking during the move.
32. Make sure to have this done before the truck arrives – To make things easier and more efficient for the move. Make sure to have everything packed and ready for the removalists. This will save you extra unwanted stress.