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Packing can be stressful and a daunting procedure when you don’t really know what you are doing. To ensure things are done correctly, we have provided you with recommendations and packing tips to help you organise your move.

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  • Packing Tips Pack things like toiletries, tea, coffee, clothing, personal items, travel documents, tickets, first aid kit, money, cheque book and don't forget the kids and pets.
  • Packing Tips Leave the vacuum cleaner out - you might want to clean up after the furniture is moved out.
  • Packing Tips Collect all house keys, ensure electricity and gas meters have been read and the telephone has been disconnected and car keys are in a safe place.
  • Packing Tips Tighten all taps.
  • Packing Tips If renting leave keys with your real estate agent/landlord.
  • Packing Tips As the van is being loaded, walk around the house, garden, garage and shed from time to time and check, check, check .
  • Packing Tips If you are moving interstate, overseas or moving your possessions into storage, don't forget to read through and sign the inventory before leaving.
  • Packing Tips Turn off power to the house.
  • Packing Tips Lock house securely.
  • Packing Tips Turn off water heater and drain it.
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