Packing Recommendations

The Backloading company have put together some Packing Recommendations for your next removal.

Plasma T.V's:

Recommended to be boxed, if not boxed stand should be removed from screen frame BEFORE transport.

Front Loading Washing machines:

Transit bolt should be replaced back into machine before transport as this will prevent (in rare cases) the bowl dropping out of position.

Mowers &/or petrol tools:

All fuel and oils to be emptied from unit. Motorbikes: All fuel and oils to be emptied from motorcycle.


Microwave dish to be removed from Microwave prior to transport.

Vacuum cleaners:

Recommended to have all hoses and parts boxed including the main unit.


All removal cartons must be labelled with (name and contact number).

Flat pack Furniture/Items:

Any items that were purchased in a flat pack manner should be dismantled prior to transport.


Dismantled and screws in safe place or taken separately by owner.

Loose Items:

Anything small enough to be packed into boxes should be packed into boxes. Tape together larger items that do not fit inside a box


All items should be individually wrapped with butchers paper and or bubble wrapped.


Should typically be boxed and polystyrene used to secure items within box.