Removal Storage

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Removal Backloading Storage

If you’re building a new house and it isn’t ready or you are planning for an overseas trip and require your goods to be stored.

We offer Short Term and Long Term Storage which is available at both our depots. Our depots are in Brisbane, QLD and Melbourne, VIC. It is up to you on how long you goods stay in storage.

We require regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly storage payments to be able to continue to keep your goods in storage.

Our storage charges are based on the individual size of your job and is calculated and charged on a weekly rate. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a storage quote.

Once your goods are ready for redelivery to your new address, this does incur a redelivery fee, which is charged at an hourly rate from when we start loading your goods from our store until your goods are unloaded at your new address.

Our storage is Warehouse storage and there is generally no public access , it is in a very secure area, and has surveillance cameras installed to keep an eye on the storage.

As we run a very secure storage facility and have a lot of faith in our security and cameras, you can never guarantee that something unfortunate won’t happen. We do recommend that before your goods go into storage that you look into insurance, it’s not just for theft maybe breakage, fire or flood. What you should think about is would you have insurance on your items if they were in your home, if the answer is yes you should get insurance on your goods while they are in storage.

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