Dismantling Furniture

Some items of your furniture may require to be dismantled, so they are fit for transport.

In Particular, if something you have purchased was boxed (flat packed)where you had to assemble the items when you got it home, These items should be dismantled before transport to reduce the risk of damage and space required.

When you moved into your current address or brought something new did you need to dismantle anything you own in order to fit it through doorways and or stairwells. If so, these items will require the same attention to move them out of your current address.

Plan ahead and have all relevant furniture dismantled and labelled the day before ready for the truck arriving to be loaded. We also recommend all parts of furniture dismantled to be clearly labelled and either taped together securely or boxed to reduce the risk of small items such as bolts and screws to be lost or misplaced.