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Defined as an inexpensive and affordable moving option, the term backloading is often used by removalists in order to provide an efficient moving alternative. Interstate backloading is available for the empty trucks that are on their way back from a moving trip and can easily accommodate load back to its starting point. People who are moving homes or offices from one space to another, especially in Australia, are taking advantage of this type of moving service mainly because of the many benefits it offers. One of the main benefits of backloading is that one only pays for the space that the furniture or any other item takes up on the truck going in one direction. The advantage of it is not just limited to the clients and the moving service, but it also helps the environment by reducing the ecological impact. One such company offering all these services and more is The Backloading Company.

With a view to revolutionize the way one moves from one home to another, The Backloading Company always strives to provide its clients with best Interstate Backloading and Interstate Removal experience. Along with offering backloading services throughout Australia, they even offer competitive prices to help their clients avoid costly moving rates. They are up-to-date with a list of almost every town and city of Australia and offer backloading from Brisbane to Rockhampton on a frequent basis. They have seen a rise in many Australians moving from Brisbane to the state of Rockhampton and hence, to keep up with the demand they started off with this service.

The main highlights of backloading provided by the Backloading Company between the two states includes:

Brisbane to Rockhampton Backloading Removal Service The company offers an interstate removal between Brisbane and Rockhampton
Cheap Removal Service - Compare Removal Quotes It provides cheaper rates as compared to other removal companies
B-Double Backloading removal Service Backloading services even consists of big truck- B-Double
Experienced Backloading removalists Highly experienced company with a skilled team

The backloading service between the Brisbane and Rockhampton cover almost all towns and cities that comes amid them

It also offers insurance options for valuable goods

Provides pre-packing service

Unlike other moving companies, The Backloading Company provides an array of additional services that help them to satisfy all the needs of their clients. They provide storage solutions if the client needs to store their furniture or other goods in some place safe. The service includes inventory management, specialized labelling, and so on. One of the very convenient services offered is of packing the items safely to help the client save on time. It is done professionally and systematically and the highly competent team makes sure that each and every packed item is reached to you carefully.

Bestowed with the status of being the best in the industry, The Backloading Company is a full-service removal company that specializes in backlaoding and Interstate removals. The team comprises of highly professional individuals and exceptionally proficient Interstate Removalists. Every services has an organized process for it to be carried out systematically by the team of professionals. This makes The Backloading Company the finest service provider in the Interstate Removal business.

Wodonga Backloading by The Backloading Company

We offer our services to all suburbs in and around the Rockhampton area.

  • Allenstown Backloading
  • Berserker Backloading
  • Depot Hill Backloading
  • Fairy Bower Backloading
  • Frenchville Backloading
  • Gracemere Backloading
  • Kawana Backloading
  • Koongal Backloading
  • Lakes Creek Backloading
  • Limestone Creek Backloading
  • Mount Archer Backloading
  • Nine Mile Backloading
  • Norman Gardens Backloading
  • Park Avenue Backloading
  • Parkhurst Backloading
  • Pink Lily Backloading
  • Port Curtis Backloading
  • Rockhampton City Backloading
  • The Common Backloading
  • The Range Backloading
  • Wandal Backloading
  • West Rockhampton Backloading
  • Mount Morgan Backloading
  • Baree Backloading
  • Hamilton Creek Backloading
  • Horse Creek Backloading
  • Moongan Backloading
  • The Mine Backloading
  • Walterhall Backloading


  • Alton Downs Backloading
  • Bajool Backloading
  • Bouldercombe Backloading
  • Bushley Backloading
  • Dalma Backloading
  • Gogango Backloading
  • Kabra Backloading
  • Marmor Backloading
  • Midgee Backloading
  • Morinish Backloading
  • Port Alma Backloading
  • Ridgelands Backloading
  • Stanwell Backloading
  • Westwood Backloading
  • Wycarbah Backloading