Sticking to A Budget When Moving Interstate

Moving is always going to be stressful, no matter how prepared you are for the shift. However, moving interstate can be an even more daunting prospect than a regular move. First of all, you may be entirely unfamiliar with your new location, so you don’t know what to expect from your new lifestyle. Then, you need to be so much more careful when packing for an interstate move as opposed to moving just a couple of suburbs over. Your things will be in transit for much longer, which means more chance of breakage or damage. Finally, moving interstate can become extremely expensive very quickly. This article is full of tips and tricks that can help you to stick to your budget when moving interstate.

Back Loads State to State

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What’s Cheaper – Moving by Truck, Plane, or Train?

One of the first hurdles you will need to overcome to move interstate will be getting all of your precious belongings to the new place. Your car and a trailer likely won’t cut it. You’ll have furniture to move such as beds, chests of drawers, side tables, a dining table, and more. So, what’s your plan for shifting your possessions?


You can find Australian moving companies who will transport your stuff by air. This might be a good, even necessary, choice if you are planning on moving overseas. However, if you’re moving interstate within Australia, then is a wholly unnecessary cost. Moving your items by plane is probably one of the most expensive choices for moving, so avoid this option if you can.

The other factor to consider when moving your things with a plane is how much they may move around in transit. If you’ve ever experienced turbulence during a plane ride, then you know that planes can shake around and jolt suddenly. Your belongings which are breakable or delicate may not make the journey in a plane.


It’s likely that you didn’t even realise that moving via train was an option. However, many interstate moves in Australia are made using this method. This option provides you with a shipping container, usually around six metres high, that you can fill up with your possessions. If you’re moving from one major city to another, you can use this method. Trucks are part of the journey at either end to get your stuff to and from the train. This, however, means that it is still likely to be more expensive as you’re actually using two methods of transport – a train in addition to a truck.


Moving interstate with a truck is one of the most affordable, convenient, and simplest moving methods. Simply hire an Australian moving company with a truck, and they will help you to relocate your possessions. Not only is this more cost-effective, but you may also experience less damage to your stuff. Professional moving companies have experienced drivers who take care on the road so that your things move around as little as possible.

Choose Your Date

Another way to save yourself money when you’re moving is to move on the right day. Weekdays are often less expensive than weekends when you’re hiring movers. That’s because weekends fill up much faster, as that’s when everyone tries to move. You likely have time off between jobs when you move interstate anyway, so why not save some money by moving in the middle of the week? Just make sure that you avoid any public holidays, as these usually come with an extra cost as well. Plan your moving date well in advance, so that you can obtain the date of your choice to move on.


The fewer items you have to move to another state, the cheaper your move will be. That’s why many people decide to scour through their homes for stuff they don’t use anymore before they make a big move. Go through your house, room by room, setting aside anything that you don’t have a use for anymore. From clothes you never wear to kitchen appliances that didn’t live up to the hype, you undoubtedly own plenty of items that there’s no point bringing with you when you move. Instead, you can do some good and donate these to charity instead. Let someone else get some use out of these items that you no longer require. You’ll have less stuff to move, so it’s a win for you as well.

Professional Moving Services

It may seem counterintuitive to pay extra for professional moving services if you’re worried about how much your move is going to cost. However, people often find that paying for additional services costs them less in the long run.

For example, if you hire professional packers to box up your items at your old house. Professional packers use all of the correct packing equipment and techniques required to minimise the chance of any damage to your objects. This means that your stuff will arrive at your new home completely intact. If you pack these yourself, you may save money on packing, but it will take a lot of time, and you may suffer damage to some of your possessions.

Another positive is that many professional movers or packers offer free packing boxes. These types of boxes are sturdy and designed specially for protecting items across long journeys. They are entirely different from the banana boxes you can pick up from the supermarket. So, you may pay for the packers to box up your belongings, but you won’t have to buy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and so many other packing materials.

With a bit of planning and forethought, your interstate move doesn’t have to be quite so expensive. Select your moving day carefully to avoid paying extra. Then, choose the best way of getting your stuff to its new location that won’t cost the earth, declutter before you go, and hire the help of professional movers and packers. Following all of these steps will result in a seamless move that’s relatively stress-free for you, while still being low cost.