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Furniture backloads are a cost-effective method for moving small to large amounts of furniture long distances. The Backloading Company provide cheap backloads throughout Australia to all state and territories including New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Northern Territory, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia. Specializing in home and office furniture backloads interstate using only AFRA approved backloading removalists that ensure your furniture and goods are handled and transported with care.

Interstate Furniture Backloads

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Whether you are moving large amounts of furniture from a rural home or property or would like to move from one apartment to another or even a unit within a unit complex. The Backloading Company will get your furniture and goods moved at affordable rates using professional backloading removalists. Guaranteed to save you both time and money using AFRA approved removalists. AFRA is the Australian Furniture Removers Association that monitor and ensure your furniture and goods are moved professionally. Weekly backloads to and from all major towns and cities across Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Canberra. You can get backloads to and from Darwin on selective dates so please inquire with The Backloading Company today to find out move by either filling out the online form or contacting The Backloading Company via phone number 1300 968 355.

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We are decades into the industry. So you can trust us. We promise to not let you down.

We provide timely service. We know you would want to settle down quickly in the new place. We assure that your furniture will be delivered to you at the time specified while booking our truck. It is our value for customer satisfaction that has won us name and fame.

We are quick. Our staff are highly experienced, so able to do the job quickly without compromising on the service quality.

Our interstate backloads are cost- effective. By hiring us, you benefit from low pricing.

We guide you on everything required for a hassle- free move, right from packing to insurance.

We operate throughout Australia, so anywhere you need help with removal, backloading or moving your furniture, we are there for you!

We use top quality materials for packing. So have no worries!