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Moving Check List

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Planning Your Interstate Move: A Comprehensive Checklist

Moving to a new state is an exciting new chapter, yet it also presents unique challenges that local moves don't. To navigate this journey efficiently, consider this comprehensive checklist to guide you through the process.

1. Lightening Your Load:

Start by decluttering your home. It's a smart way to reduce the cost of moving since the price usually depends on the weight of your items. Hold garage sales or donate items you no longer need. For instance, if you're moving from a colder climate to a warmer one, it may be best to sell or donate heavy winter clothing.

2. Fetch Moving Quotes:

Next, research several moving companies and gather quotes. This will help you to set a realistic budget for your move. For instance, Moving Company A might offer a lower quote than Company B, but do they include insurance or packing services?

3. Get the Right Packing Supplies:

If you decide to pack your belongings yourself, make sure to use purpose-specific packing supplies. You can find a variety of boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and more, designed to protect your belongings. For example, using dish pack boxes can prevent your delicate dishes from breaking during transit.

4. Understand Your Moving Insurance:

Understanding what insurance the moving company provides is crucial. If you're packing yourself, check if you need additional insurance to cover potential damages. Remember, a crystal vase packed professionally may receive more insurance protection than one packed by an untrained person.

5. Handling your Address and Utilities:

Don't forget to change your address details at your local post office at least a week before your move. Similarly, notify all your utility and service providers about your move in advance. If you're relocating from Seattle to San Francisco, for example, you might need to switch service providers or update your account details.

In your new home, ensure all utilities and service providers are contacted in good time for a smooth transition. Having your electricity and internet functioning when you arrive will make settling in easier.

6. Leaving Your Current Home:

Before you leave your current property, certain tasks need attention. Consider hiring professionals to clean the house, mow the lawn, and control pests. These actions will leave the house in good shape for the next occupants and might be required by your lease agreement.

7. Understanding State Regulations:

It's important to familiarize yourself with any quarantine or import restrictions in your new state, which can impact what you can bring with you. Check the for specific details.

Communication with Your Moving Company:

Stay in touch with your movers, especially if you're doing your own packing. A few days before the move, provide them with a detailed inventory of your items.

Inform them about potential truck access issues at both pick-up and drop-off locations. This could include low height clearances in carparks, clearways and other parking restrictions, overhanging trees, steep driveways, or other potential obstacles. For example, if you're moving into a high-rise building, the moving company may need to reserve an elevator and submit liability forms in advance.

Additional Moving Tips:

  • Flexibility: Things might not always go as planned, so keep your schedule flexible.
  • Weather Forecast: Check the long-term weather forecast. In countries like Australia, cyclones and floods can impact your moving schedule.
  • Essential Items: Keep medications, important documents, and irreplaceable items with you during the move.
  • Stay Contactable: Maintain open lines of communication with your movers for a coordinated move.
  • Plan Your Route: Utilize online tools and apps to plan your travel route, ensuring you're prepared for the journey.
  • Final Check: Before leaving, do a final walkthrough of your old home to ensure nothing is left behind.

Moving interstate is a complex process, but with careful planning and organization, you can navigate it effectively. Happy moving!

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