Moving Check List

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Moving Check List

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• Have garage sales to get rid of everything you don’t need to take with you. Interstate moves are expensive
• Get moving quotes
• If packing yourselves purchase purpose specific packing supplies.
• Check what insurance is included by the moving company. Remember that if you choose the option to pack yourselves, you may be up for extra insurance – check what is available to you.
• Organise your change of address details at your local post office at least 7 days prior to your departure.
• Ensure all utilities and services providers have been notified of your move at least 7 days prior to your departure.
• Contact all utilities and service providers at your destination in good time to ensure services are available upon your arrival at your new home
• Leaving your current property will need a number of things attended to upon vacating such as, carpet cleaning, house clean, lawns mowed and pest control done.
• Familliarise yourselves with relevant laws as all states have quarantine restrictions that could impact your move. Information can be found at the following website


• If you are doing your own packing, contact the removelist in the final days to give them a final list of your contents
• Conveying information about any truck access issues at both pick up and drop off properties. The following issues can be relevant:
1. Overhanging trees
2. Low height clearances in carparks
3. Clearways and other parking restrictions
4. Truck size restrictions
5. Apartment buildings e.g. public liability forms to be submitted
6. Steep or thin driveways
7. Anything else that may prohibit truck access to the property that may require extra equipment to complete the move


• Be flexible and try to not over schedule
• Do long term weather forecasts – we live in a country where cyclones, floods and other meteorological events are a fact of life. These are things that can most certainly impact the smoothness of your move
• Always take with you in your car or travel case, your medication, important documentation and anything that would be impossible to replace
• Staying contactable from whoa to go is important for the coordination of the move
• Plan your journey with the help of the links supplied
• Don’t forget to a final check of the home before locking up for the last time

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