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Moving interstate is quite different to a local move. There is generally a great deal more planning and preparation involved. Relieving some of that stress is where we come in. You will find our quotes very competitive whether it be an office relocation or moving home to home.

We over two decades of experience behind us and pride ourselves on delivering amazing moving services You will find our great team prompt, friendly, reliable and very experienced. Long distance moves can put your goods at greater risk of loss and damage purely due to the distance it needs to travel. We will wrap, pack and stack your goods on the truck or semi-trailer ensuring your goods are secured using specialised techniques. Reaching the destination with zero loss caused by damage is our goal!

Should you decide to wrap and pack yourselves you will need to take extra care with the packing. It is always best to use purpose specific packaging supplies to ensure the best outcome for the move. Don’t forget to label each box. Remember that the removalists are unable to identify the specific contents of a box and when you pack yourselves, while the movers will take all steps to ensure as safe as possible passage for your goods, they cannot then be held responsible for breakages that may occur. While it may seem like money saving to pack yourselves, in the long run, it is always better to get the professionals to do it.

Moving is stressful and while we can’t make it stress free for you, we can reduce the amount of stress involved. We have set up a check list for you to assist with the planning of your move. We have also included some links about the road journey to your destination and about your destination. There will be a number of things to see and do along the way and a little time out will help build strength for the task of unpacking and finding new homes for all your items and generally settling in.

The Backloading Company have provided interstate moving services for over two decades. Helping homes and businesses move by organising and arranging everything from inventory lists, loading, unloading and the transporting furniture long distances around Australia. Using experienced interstate movers to handle all the furniture. They provide themselves on delivering a quality interstate removal service that won’t break the budget while still maintaining a quality interstate moving service. You will get expert removalists when you use The Backloading Company to move furniture interstate.

To move interstate basically means that either you need to move home or office furniture a long distance either within the same state or to another state. The Backloading Company provide interstate moving services throughout Australia including South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory and Tasmania. Leaving no pickup or delivery destination out of reach. They are your go-to interstate moving service provider with over two decades of quality customer care and an affordable way to move interstate with ease.

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Moving Interstate Anywhere in Australia

Australia is a large country and as such, there are many places occupied by either residents or businesses that will need furniture and or goods moved to or from. The Backloading Company have devised a genius approach to delivering a vast and accommodating interstate moving service that will save you time and dollars. They can move furniture and goods to and from any state in Australia including every capital of every state every week. That is how experienced and reliable The Backloading Company have become. With a network of nation-wide quality removalists to handle all the hard stuff. There is no furniture to large or small, too awkward or easy.