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Now covering the entire state of The Northern Territory. The Backloading Company are the removalist specialists that can help you move from A to B hassle free. We can backloading and help you move virtually anything including Furniture, motor bikes and more.

The Backloading Company are now a leading force in the removals industry covering virtually the entire country. The Northern Territory is a federal Australia territory in the center and central northern regions. Despite its large area of over 1,349,129 square kilometers, making it the third largest Australian federal division. Sparsely populated with a approximately 246,300 it is the least populated out of all the eight state. The Backloading Company can reach even the most remote towns with our backloading and removals service. We will transport your goods virtually anywhere in the country.

The Backloading Company are a major player in the removalists industry. Spanning the entire country our reach is long and wide when it comes to moving you from A to be Hassle free at a cost effective rate.

Northern Territory Backloading by The Backloading Company

If you are looking at moving to any of the major cities around Australia, We can help you do that.

The backloading company is available throughout the whole of the Northern territory.


Darwin to Brisbane, Darwin to Sydney, Darwin to Adelaide, Darwin to Melbourne, Darwin to Perth. Darwin to NSW, Darwin to QLD, Darwin to WA, Darwin to SA, Darwin to VIC

Alice Springs

Alice Springs to Brisbane, Alice Springs to Sydney, Alice Springs to Melbourne, Alice Springs to Adelaide, Alice Springs to Perth, Alice Springs to NSW, Alice Springs to QLD, Alice Springs to VIC, Alice Springs to SA.


Palmerston to Brisbane, Palmerston to Sydney, Palmerston to Melbourne, Palmerston to Adelaide, Palmerston to Perth, Palmerston to VIC, Palmerston to NSW, Palmerston to QLD, Palmerston to WA, Palmerston to SA.


Katherine to Brisbane, Katherine to Sydney, Katherine to Melbourne, Katherine to Perth, Katherine to Adelaide, Katherine to VIC, Katherine to QLD, Katherine to NSW, Katherine to SA.

McMinns Lagoon

McMinns Lagoon to Brisbane, McMinns Lagoon to Sydney, McMinns Lagoon to Melbourne, McMinns Lagoon to Adelaide, McMinns Lagoon to Perth, McMinns Lagoon to WA, McMinns Lagoon to QLD, McMinns Lagoon to NSW, McMinns Lagoon to VIC, McMinns Lagoon to SA


Nhulunby to Brisbane, Nhulunby to Sydney, Nhulunby to Melbourne, Nhulunby to Adelaide, Nhulunby to Perth, Nhulunby to NSW, Nhulunby to QLD, Nhulunby to WA.

Howard Springs

Howard Springs to Brisbane, Howard Springs to Sydney, Howard Springs to Melbourne, Howard Springs to Adelaide, Howard Springs to Perth, Howard Springs to NSW, Howard Springs to VIC, Howard Springs to SA, Howard Springs to QLD.

Tennant Creek

Tennant Creek to Brisbane, Tennant Creek to Sydney, Tennant Creek to Adelaide, Tennant Creek to Melbourne, Tennant Creek to Perth, Tennant Creek to VIC, Tennant Creek to NSW, Tennant Creek to SA, Tennant Creek to QLD


Yulara to Brisbane, Yulara to Sydney, Yulara to Adelaide, Yulara to Melbourne, Yulara to Perth, Yulara to VIC, Yulara to NSW, Yulara to SA, Yulara to QLD


Jabiru to Brisbane, Jabiru to Sydney, Jabiru to Adelaide, Jabiru to Melbourne, Jabiru to Perth, Jabiru to VIC, Jabiru to NSW, Jabiru to SA, Jabiru to QLD

Daly Waters

Daly Waters to Brisbane, Daly Waters to Sydney, Daly Waters to Adelaide, Daly Waters to Melbourne, Daly Waters to Perth, Daly Waters to VIC, Daly Waters to NSW, Daly Waters to SA, Daly Waters to QLD

The Backloading Company Provide a Professional Backloading service to and from from Darwin - Melbourne - Brisbane - Sydney - Adelaide - Perth.