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The Backloading Company provide an affordable removals and relocation service to and from all parts of Victoria. Specialising in domestic and commercial relocation. With over 35 years experience relocating countless customers and there belonging to their desired destination. We are a prominent force in the removals and moving industry. Our prices come second to none when it comes to affordable backloading options.

The Backloading Company have developed an easy to fill out online QUOTE form or you can simply ring us on1300 968 355. We are a leading transportation company in Victoria and strive to uphold our standards. With our service you will be guaranteed the safe departure and arrival of all your belongings. The Backloading Company will help you move no matter how big or small the move is. We also specialize in relocating motor vehicles. With a large fleet of trucks at hand moving to and from all major cities and towns around Australia.

If you need a team of qualified and experienced removalists for that local move please submit on online quote form or call us.

The Backloading Company provide Backloading and removals services to the following towns around Victoria. If you are looking at moving to any of the major cities around Australia, We can help you do that.

The towns listed below are in alphabetical order

The Backloading Company Servicing Victoria

Port Phillips

Port Phillips to Brisbane, Port Phillips to Sydney, Port Phillips to Melbourne, Port Phillips to Cairns Port Phillips to Darwin


Stonnington to Brisbane, Stonnington to Sydney, Stonnington to Melbourne, Stonnington to Darwin, Stonnington to Cairns


Yarra to Brisbane, Yarra to Sydney, Yarra to Melbourne, Yarra to Darwin, Yarra to Cairns


Banyule to Brisbane, Banyule to Sydney, Banyule to Melbourne, Banyule to Darwin, Banyule to Cairns


Bayside to Brisbane, Bayside to Sydney, Bayside to Melbourne, Bayside to Darwin, Bayside to Cairns


Boroondara to Brisbane, Boroondara to Sydney, Boroondara to Melbourne, Boroondara to Darwin, Boroondara to Cairns


Brimbank to Brisbane, Brimbank to Sydney, Brimbank to Melbourne, Brimbank to Darwin, Brimbank to Cairns


Darebin to Brisbane, Darebin to Sydney, Darebin to Melbourne, Darebin to Darwin, Darebin to Cairns


Eira to Brisbane, Eira to Sydney, Eira to Melbourne, Eira to Dawrin, Eira to Cairns

Hobsons Bay

Hobsons Bay to Brisbane, Hobsons Bay to Sydney, Hobsons Bay to Melbourne, Hobsons Bay to Darwin, Hobsons Bay to Cairns


Kingston to Brisbane, Kingston to Sydney, Kingston to Melbourne, Kingston to Darwin, Kingston to Cairns


Manningham to Brisbane, Manningham to Sydney, Manningham to Melbourne, Manningham to Darwin, Manningham to Cairns


Maribyrnong to Brisbane, Maribyrnong to Sydney, Maribyrnong to Melbourne, Maribyrnong to Darwin, Maribyrnong to Cairns


Monash to Brisbane, Monash to Sydney, Monash to Melbourne, Monash to Darwin, Monash to Cairns

Moonee Valley

Moonee Valley to Brisbane, Moonee Valley to Sydney, Moonee Valley to Melbourne, Moonee Valley to Darwin, Moonee to Cairns


Moreland to Brisbane, Moreland to Sydney, Moreland to Melbourne, Moreland to Darwin, Moreland to Cairns


Whitehourse to Brisbane, Whitehorse to Sydney, Whitehourse to Melbourne, Whitehorse to Darwin, Whitehorse to Cairns


Cardinia to Brisbane, Cardinia to Sydney, Cardinia to Melbourne, Cardinia to Darwin, Cardinia to Cairns


Casey to Brisbane, Casey to Sydney, Casey to Melbourne, Casey to Darwin, Casey to Cairns.


Frankston to Brisbane, Frankston to Sydney, Frankston to Melbourne, Frankston Darwin, Frankston to Cairns

Greater Dandenong

Greater Dandenong to Brisbane, Greater Dandenong to Sydney, Greater Dandenong to Melbourne, Greater Dandenong to Darwin, Greater Dandenong to Cairns


Broadmeadows to Brisbane, Broadmeadows to Sydney, Broadmeadows to Melbourne, Broadmeadows to Darwin, Broadmeadows to Cairns.


Hume to Brisbane, Hume to Sydney, Hume to Melbourne, Hume to Darwin, Hume to Cairns.


Knox to Brisbane, Knox to Sydney, Knox to Melbourne, Knox to Darwin, Knox to Cairns.


Maroondah to Brisbane, Maroondah to Sydney, Maroondah to Melbourne, Maroondah to Darwin, Maroondah to Cairns


Melton to Brisbane, Melton to Sydney, Melton to Melbourne, Melton to Darwin, Melton to Cairns

Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula to Brisbane, Mornington Peninsula Sydney, Mornington Peninsula Sydney, Mornington Peninsula to Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula Darwin, Mornington Peninsula to Cairns.


Nillumbik to Brisbane, Nillumbik to Sydney, Nillumbik to Melbourne, Nillumbik to Darwin, Nillumbik to Cairns.


Whittlesea to Brisbane, Whittlesea to Sydney, Whittlesea to Melbourne, Whittlesea Darwin, Whittlesea to Cairns.


Wyndham to Brisbane, Wyndham to Sydney, Wyndham to Melbourne, Wyndham to Darwin, Wyndham to Cairns.


Geelong to Brisbane, Geelong to Sydney, Geelong to Melbourne, Geelong to Darwin, Geelong to Cairns.


Queenscliffe to Brisbane, Queenscliffe to Sydney, Queenscliffe to Melbourne, Queenscliffe Darwin, Queenscliffe to Cairns.


Ballarat to Brisbane, Ballarat to Sydney, Ballarat to Melbourne, Ballarat to Cairns, Ballarat to Darwin.


Bendigo to Brisbane, Bendigo to Sydney, Bendigo to Melbourne, Bendigo to Darwin, Bendigo to Cairns.


Hepburn to Brisbane, Hepburn to Sydney, Hepburn to Melbourne, Hepburn to Darwin, Hepburn to Cairns.


Wedderburn to Brisbane, Wedderburn to Sydney, Wedderburn to Melbourne, Wedderburn to Darwin, Wedderburn to Cairns.


Daylesford to Brisbane, Daylesford to Sydney, Daylesford to Melbourne, Daylesford to Darwin, Daylesford to Cairns.


Kyneton to Brisbane, Kyneton to Sydney, Kyneton to Melbourne, Kyneton to Darwin, Kyneton to Cairns


Broadford to Brisbane, Broadford to Sydney, Broadford to Melbourne, Broadford to Darwin, Broadford to Cairns.


Ballan to Brisbane, Ballan to Sydney, Ballan to Melbourne, Ballan to Darwin, Ballan to Cairns.


Castlemaine to Brisbane, Castlemaine to Sydney, Castlemaine to Melbourne, Castlemaine to Darwin, Castlemaine to Cairns


Echuca to Brisbane, Echuca to Sydney, Echuca to Melbourne, Echuca to Darwin, Echuca to Cairns.


Shepparton to Brisbane, Shepparton to Sydney, Shepparton to Melbourne, Shepparton to Darwin, Shepparton to Cairns


Cobram to Brisbane, Cobram to Sydney, Cobram to Melbourne, Cobram to Cairns, Cobram to Darwin


Bright to Brisbane, Bright to Sydney, Bright to Melbourne, Bright to Darwin, Bright to Cairns


Bright to Brisbane, Bright to Sydney, Bright to Melbourne, Bright to Darwin, Bright to Cairns


Benalla to Brisbane, Benalla to Sydney, Benalla to Melbourne, Benalla to Darwin, Benalla to Cairns


Beechworth to Sydney, Beechworth to Melbourne, Beechworth to Brisbane, Beechworth to Darwin, Beechworth to Cairns


Mansfield to Brisbane, Mansfield to Sydney, Mansfield to Melbourne, Mansfield to Cairns, Mansfield to Darwin


Alexandra to Brisbane, Alexandra to Sydney, Alexandra to Melbourne, Alexandra to Darwin, Alexandra to Cairns.


Tallangatta to Brisbane, Tallangatta to Sydney, Tallangatta to Melbourne, Tallangatta to Cairns, Tallangatta to Darwin.


Wangaratta to Brisbane, Wangaratta to Sydney, Wangaratta to Melbourne, Wangaratta to Darwin, Wangaratta to Cairns.


Wodonga to Brisbane, Wodonga to Sydney, Wodonga to Melbourne, Wodonga Darwin, Wodonga to Cairns.


Wonthaggi to Brisbane, Wonthaggi to Sydney, Wonthaggi to Melbourne, Wonthaggi to Darwin, Wonthaggi to Cairns


Warragul to Brisbane, Warragul to Sydney, Warragul to Melbourne, Warragul Cairns, Warragul to Darwin.


Bairnsdale to Brisbane, Bairnsdale to Sydney, Bairnsdale to Melbourne, Bairnsdale to Darwin, Bairnsdale to Cairns.


Morwell to Brisbane, Morwell to Sydney, Morwell to Melbourne, Morwell to Darwin, Morwell to Cairns.


Leongatha to Brisbane, Leongatha to Sydney, Leongatha to Melbourne, Leongatha to Darwin, Leongatha to Cairns.


Sale to Brisbane, Sale to Sydney, Sale to Melbourne, Sale to Darwin, Sale to Cairns.


Ararat to Brisbane, Ararat to Sydney, Ararat to Melbourne, Ararat to Darwin, Ararat to Cairns


Camperdown to Brisbane, Camperdown to Sydney, Camperdown to Melbourne, Camperdown to Darwin, Camperdown to Cairns.


Portland to Brisbane, Portland to Sydney, Portland to Melbourne, Portland to Darwin, Portland to Cairns.

Port Fairy

Port Fairy to Brisbane, Port Fairy to Sydney, Port Fairy to Melbourne, Port Fairy to Darwin, Port Fairy to cairns.


Beaufort to Brisbane, Beaufort to Sydney, Beaufort to Melbourne, Beaufort to Darwin, Beaufort to Cairns.


Hamilton to Brisbane, Hamilton to Sydney, Hamilton to Melbourne, Hamilton to Darwin, Hamilton to Cairns.


Warnambool to Brisbane, Warnambool to Sydney, Warnambool to Melbourne, Warnambool to Darwin, Warnambool to Cairns.


Nhill to Brisbane, Nhill to Sydney, Nhill to Melbourne, Nhill to Darwin, Nhill to Cairns


Horsham to Brisbane, Horsham to Sydney, Horsham to Melbourne, Horsham to Darwin, Horsham to Cairns.


Stawell to Brisbane, Stawell to Melbourne, Stawell to Sydney, Stawell to Darwin, Stawell to Cairns.


Edenhope to Brisbane, Edenhope to Sydney, Edenhope Melbourne, Edenhope to Darwin, Edenhope to Cairns.


Warracknabeal to Brisbane, Warracknabeal to Sydney, Warracknabeal to Melbourne, Warracknabeal to Darwin, Warracknabeal to Cairns.


Wycheproof to Brisbane, Wycheproof to Sydney, Wycheproof to Melbourne, Wycheproof to Darwin, Wycheproof to Cairns.


Kerang to Brisbane, Kerang to Sydney, Kerang to Melbourne, Kerang to Darwin, Kerang to Cairns.


Mildura to Brisbane, Mildura to Sydney, Mildura to Melbourne, Mildura to Darwin, Mildura to Cairns.

Swan Hill

Swan Hill to Brisbane, Swan Hill to Sydney, Swan Hill to Melbourne, Swan Hill to Darwin, Swan Hill to Cairns.

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