About Moving During the Current Coronavirus Pandemic

Can I still move during Coronavirus Pandemic?

Date of post: 26th March 2020

Moving companies as are still operating as the Covid-19 pandemic continues. Interstate removals, backloads and furniture transport will operate under guidelines throughout each state and territory. The Backloading Company will assist with all moving operations until told otherwise. Transport and logistics are exempt from cross border quarantine requirements for the time being. You should check with your state or territory and we have provided links with the latest updates below. It is also important to call The Backloading Company before you book in any backloads across Australia to ensure your move can be done.

Can Moving Companies Move while Coronavirus is Happening?

Moving companies are still operating and delivering furniture and goods across all states and territories in Australia. The Backloading Company work with many interstate removalists to ensure furniture and goods are moving as many people are still booking in removals across Australia.

How do I know if my moving company is operating?

To find out if your moving company is still operational. Contact them via phone or email. As the Coronavirus Pandemic updates daily. Moving companies such as The Backloading Company should have the latest info on moving operations and what or if state or territory has ceased those operations.

Can I still get quotes for backloading removals during this epidemic?

Yes, The Backloading Company will provide you with non-obligatory backloading, removals and furniture transporting quotes the Coronavirus Pandemic / Covid-19. You may be wanting to move later in the year or the beginning of next year. Whenever you are looking to move, getting a moving company quote from The Backloading Company will be no issue.

Find out More by State and Territory

Here is some information regarding the current Coronavirus Pandemic or Covid-19 regulatory responses from state and territories across Australia.

Tasmania Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

Tasmania has put in place border restrictions with certain exemptions for essential travellers. Transport, freight and logistics
a) Any person who in the carriage of his or her duties is responsible for provision of transport or freight and logistics into, within and out of Tasmania; and
b) b. Flight Crew and ship crew, for the limited period of delivery of persons, freight or logistics into, within and out of Tasmania, and for no other purpose.
Essential Travellers have different quarantine requirements than Non-Essential travellers arriving in Tasmania.
Please view the below links which will take you to further information and the Tasmanian Arrivals Declaration which is required to be completed. We have attached two links in this regard being a pdf or the online form.

Quarantine Conditions For Essential Travelers
Tasmania Border Restrictions
Tasmania Arrivals Form
Biosecurity Tasmania Arrival Form

South Australia Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

With regards to crossing boarders into South Australia, refer the attachment above: Schedule 1 to Cross Border Travel Direction 2020.
This will outline the meaning of an Essential Traveller as well as travel instructions and penalties that may apply; focus particularly on Clause 4 Transport and Freight services as well as Clauses 5 and 7.
Any person, who in the conduct of his or her duties is providing transport or freight services into, within and out of South Australia and is required to be present in South Australia.
The link below will provide further information,
Furniture Information on Travel in South Australia

Northern Territory Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

Transport, freight and logistics is considered as one of the exemption categories for essential travellers.
The link below directs you the NT Government website where you can download the exemption forms. The information and exemption forms are also attached. Please not that you would also need a COVID-19 Management plan, which AFRA will develop and have for you as a matter of priority.
Border Controls

Queensland Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

Queensland borders will be closed from midnight 25th March 2020. Quarantine exemptions for essential services include an exemption of the movement of all freight in and out of Queensland, under specific terms.
These terms are advised as follows:
“Any person who in the performance of his or her duties is responsible for provision of services for transport or freight of goods, or logistics for the goods, into, within and out of Queensland, on the condition that the person must practise social distancing wherever possible, including maintaining a distance of at least 1.5 metres where reasonably practicable and remain self-isolate in their vehicle or accommodation”.
Vehicles will be met by police border checks on all major highways.

Western Australia Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

Western Australia have also advised that Transport, freight and logistics are essential services. Transport activities are still permitted to enter the state, subject to conditions of entry. The following links will direct you to further information:

WA Government Fact Sheet Border Fact Sheet. And the Government response Western Australia Government Response to Covid-19

We have further links you should be familiar with in regard to:
Emergency Management Act 2005 (WA) Section 67 Self-Quarantine Following Interstate Travel Directions (Clause 21 refers to essential services and subclause g refers to freight and logistics)
We refer to page 2 Clauses 6, 7 and 8 for detailed instructions. You are only permitted to arrive into WA by the Designated Roads ONLY. Designated Roads are stated in clause 20 being Victoria Highway and Eyre Highway. Self Quarantine Direction
You are required to provide a completed WA Arrival form on arrival at the border. Links to the web page and PDF of the document is below:
Western Australia Border Arrival Form
Western Australia Arrivals Forms