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Bendigo to Melbourne Backloading

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The Backloading Company provide backloads from Bendigo to Melbourne daily. A backload will typically include two backloading removalists that will pack, wrap and stack your goods on pickup and delivery to your desired Melbourne location. The trucks we use range from Rigids to Semi's enabling us to handle small to larger loads as required.

Bendigo to Melbourne Removalist

Bendigo to Melbourne Removals

With any Bendigo to Melbourne removalist. It's important to obtain the relevant information required to get your goods moved from Bendigo to Melbourne. This will include moving dates, inventory lists and any specific requirements. The dates are important as we will then work on picking up your goods on that specific date. An inventory list will help us determine how much room your goods will require on a truck.

Bendigo to Melbourne Moving Process

Bendigo to Melbourne Backloading Removals

Getting your furniture goods moved is a straightforward process for The Backloading Company. Starting in Bendigo and arriving in Melbourne at your desired location. We own all our trucks that travel from Bendigo to Melbourne regularly.

Bendigo to Melbourne removal process starts in Bendigo and will lead your goods onto the Calder Highway passing Kangaroo Flat and through Big Hill. Your furniture will then pass Ravenswood, Ravenswood South, Harcourt, Faraday, Chewton Bushlands, Elphinstone, Faraday and the into Kyneton. From Kyneton along continue South along the Calder highway past Carlsruhe, Cadelle, Woodend North, Macedon, Gisborne continuing onto Diggers Rest. The truck will then pass Calder Park heading southbound past Keilor North, Keilor Park Past Airport West and into Melbourne. Where we drop your furniture, will depend on arrangements organised when booking has been confirmed. Every Bendigo to Melbourne backloading removal is different.

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The Backloading Company provide short to long term storage if requires as a part of any Bendigo to Melbourne backloading removal. We understand that sometimes all you need is some extra time before your goods can be delivered. We have a storage facility located in Melbourne.

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