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While some still assume hiring your own truck and moving yourself is an easier way to move. This is usually not always the case and we will explain a few reasons here why. Because when moving interstate, it takes a long time
1. Hiring your own truck means you need to take time off work to move yourself.
2. Moving your own furniture can be risky and should be done by professionals to minimize the risk of hurting yourself and or damaging furniture and goods.
3. Most truck rentals will require a HR license but even with smaller 3 tonne trucks you will sometimes need a manual licence to drive them.
4. Paying bond, massive excesses on truck rentals adds to the pressure of driving a truck interstate. Many interstate roads will take you through wildlife active areas.
5. Many truck rentals won’t include a trolley, tail gate lift and removal pads which will come at an additional cost.

So while it may seem you will save money on your move while hiring your own truck. The reality of it is quite different. Getting removalists to move interstate however does come with many benefits. These include

1. Having professionals lift, load, unload and transport furniture interstate. Removalists will handle all furniture and goods from within your home and move them into your new home. 2. Transit insurance which covers complete loss of everything in the truck.
3. Packing and unpacking goods in boxes and cartons, dismantling and assembling furniture upon arrival.
4. Interstate moves will always take time but having removalists move you interstate means you only have to deal with a waiting period that is advised.

So, while there are still many out there that think moving yourself is the better option. We recommend not doing so. The Backloading Company are trained and a leading interstate moving service provider. Using only the best interstate removalists to handle all types of furniture and goods. Moving families, couples and singles around every day of the year.

Dedicated to Saving you time and Money on Moving Interstate

Backloading removalists are dedicated to moving. Providing you with a cost-effective reliable A to B interstate moves. Having the industry knowledge and knowhow to ensure you get a quality removal services. Moving small to large amounts of furniture across every state and territory including Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. The Backloading Company are a preferred interstate moving company due to their cheap backloads and quality of service that is always provided with an interstate move.

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There will come a time in every bodies life when they will need or want to move. Most people move more than once in a lifetime so there it’s important to get it right. The Backloading Company have operated as a removalist, moving and backloading service provider for over two decades. Helping people across Australia find the best moving service. For a free moving quote simply call or request a free quote through the website.

Best Ways to Move

Depending on your needs and wants, The Backloading Company can make sure you get the best way to move by providing you with removalists, movers and backloaders. Get removalists if you are on a specific time frame and need your furniture and goods moved within set dates. Get backloading if you have flexible moving dates and want to save money.

Now you know the Best Way to Move

So now you know why The Backloading Company are the best way to move. They will organise and arrange everything to be moved, saving you both time and money.

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